Forever Floors Enhanced Systems

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Forever Floors Enhanced Concrete Systems
 "We Enhance and Restore Your Concrete Floor"

Our grinding and polishing systems allow your concrete slab to become beautiful and impenetrable, with the functionality that an untreated floor will never have. We diamond grind and polish your floor from 30 to 3000 grit to give your floor a brilliant shine. We can color and harden  your concrete which will prevent any more pitting and cracking. Our color system penetrates the concrete to allow consistent and non-fading color but will still allow you to see your polished concrete design. This is very low maintenance with no need to re-sealing or adding another top coat. As well oil, salt, coolant, ect .Will not harm this floor because we polish our designed floor to such a high grit. We close the concrete pours which prevent any further penetration,Perfect for high traffic and constantly wet areas!

   A Beautiful addition along with the

 Functionality you deserve out of your

 Concrete pad!

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Quality of

your Ride!

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